Saturday, December 16, 2006

Which one are you???

Haha try this out... lol its pretty accurate! lol

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Hey Hey!

Hey yall! haha its been a while... a whole lot has been goin on with me, were working on getting a new building for the church, basketball season is in full swing... and a whole lot more. lol

So first basketball... First of all I'll talk about my team, Its been kinda crazy because this year there are so many guys on the team and basically the rule is if you pay then you play. So, there are about 10 seniors this year so they decided to put all the seniors on one team and all the juniors and lower on a "B" team, both teams are playing in the same league, so it is kinda crazy because my team isn't a very "big" team. Then we took another blow when one of the guys who was supposed to play on my team decided to desert us and go to the "A" team. And he was one of our top 3 guys. So we are all having to really step up as a team and fill in the gaps that are left.

The main league that we play in started 2 Saturdays ago, and man, we have all really been stepping up! Our first game this year in this league was 2 Saturdays ago and man, we all really did step up! We won 62-48 and I had a Career high 24 Points as well as 4 Assists, 10 Rebounds and 2 Blocks. Then Last Saturday we had another blowout win, 77-38, I had another big game... :P 22 Points, 3 assists, 15 rebounds and 8 steals.
But it really takes more then just me stepping up, the team is doing an AMAZING job at playing at this higher level. we only have 3 juniors. The rest of them are JV guys. So I am really proud of all of the younger guys who are stepping up to play (and dominating) at this level. Our total record as a team so far is 6-0. GO THUNDER!!!!

So yeah... I am gonna try to get Sarah out to one of our games soon to get some shots of us playing. So if I can get that to happen, then I'll post some pictures.
Oh yeah, if any of yall live in the area and want to see us play sometime, just let me know and i'll get you a copy of the schedule.

Talk to yall later!
I'll try to post more often... lol

Monday, October 30, 2006


Hey yall, My friend Mark Collins just wrote a great post on his blog. Check it out! Its mainly for you Guys, but i'm sure the girls will love it too! lol talk to yall later

Saturday, September 30, 2006

BG Concert!!!!!

Well, last Friday after my football game, our whole family made the 1 1/2 hour drive down to Bourbonnais, IL for the Barlowgirl concert. It was an AMAZING SHOW!!!!! This is the girls first tour that they are headlining, so it was pretty awesome!!!

Anyways, they had this thing where you could text a message through your cell phone to this number, and they would put it up on the screen during the intermission. And then they told us that one of the people who texted would be selected to win a Barlowgirl electric guitar!!! So like tons of people were texting in messages. I decided, what the heck... might as well try it out... lol I tried from my 1st cell phone but it said "access denied" lol. So I pulled out my 2nd cell phone, lol and texted from there. I didn't even see the message go up on the screen, but then about 15 min into the girls part of the show, I felt my phone buzz, I thought someone was calling me, so I pulled it out, and when it said "message" I was like oh great, I texted one of these things and now i'm gonna get text spam for the rest of my life!!! lol but when I opened the message it said, "YOU WIN!
Code: ****
Congratulations! You're tonight's winner! Head on over to the Barlow Girl Merch table to claim the guitar now!"
HAHA isnt that CRAZY??? lol so I went over to my aunt Maryanne (the BG's mom) and showed her the message, when she saw it she like freaked out! lol she was so excited! she was like go over to my merch table and show them!!!! So I went over and got my new BG Guitar!!!!

I know what some of you might be thinking... "That is so wrong!!! It was probably rigged!!!!" lol So I asked them how it works, and there is this lady in texas who runs the whole text thing, and she sits at the computer for 3 hours during the concerts, screens all the messages then randomly picks one of the messages and that person wins the guitar. So it was NOT rigged!!! lol

So after the concert our friend Shyla who is a photographer was like "lets do a photoshoot with the guitar!!!!" lol so here are some of the shots from the shoot
P.S. In case you couldn't tell from these shots... Shyla is a BEAST!!!!! lol

Oh yeah!!!! I start drivers ed today!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! Finally!!!!!

Friday, September 29, 2006


Wow.. its been a while since ive posted!!! lol
So lets see...
Last saturday we had my 17th birthday party!!!! It was great!!! There was around 20 people there, so we started by playing games for a while because it was raining... then later after dinner the rain stopped so we all went over to a field and played some awesome Mud Football!!!!!!!
Here is the slideshow from the party. Enjoy!!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Birthday!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!

Well... today is my 17th Birthday!!!!
I am working on the computer on my new 19" Flat WideScreen Monitor

And listening to music on my new Surround sound speaker system!

And we just finished an AWESOME dinner of Chicken Kievs and Mozzerella sticks!! Then we had an amazing cake (that I picked out!!) lol and Oreo ice cream.
WOOHOO!!!! So I have had a GREAT day so far!!! Thank you all for your cards and comments and messages!!! You guys Rock!!!!!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Six Flags!!!! And great friends...

On thursday we went to Six Flags for homeschool day!!! It was awesome because there was seriously barely any lines! I think the longest line we waited in was about 15 min. lol We had an amazing time!!! Me, Sarah, and Natalie got to hang out with our awesome friends Bethany, Abby, and Elyse and a bunch of their friends. It was great!!!! We were singing on like all the rides, haha. Then after we rode the superman we went into the superman shop and tried on all the blingage... haha Then after the park closed, we all went to Old Country Buffet for dinner. So it was an amazing day!!! (I think I already said that... lol)
Anyways, thursday was my parents 21st anniversary!!!! WOOHOO!!!!
So at great america, all of us went up on a stage and sang and danced "Happy Anniversary" haha

(Click the play button to start the slideshow.)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Are You On The Right Path?

The other day in my devotional time God spoke these words to me in my journal. They have really helped me, I hope they encourage you!!!

"My Son, listen to the words that I say, accept them, do them and you will prosper.
There are many things that might try to distract you and divert you from my path. My path leads to life, prosperity, and love. Stay on it!!! Don't skip back and forth between my path and the world's path. Its not worth it! Stay away from all lukewarmness. The way of the world might seem fun and pleasureable, but you dont see the end of that path. I Do!!!! Cause your flesh to come under subjection to your spirit. My path is the best way!
I love you son."

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Football Camp...

Well it is 8:00 AM on tuesday morning, (way too early to be up...) and I have to leave pretty soon here for the 2nd day of football camp. It started yesterday and after a killer workout, (even for me... lol) we started from the very basics, like ready stance, 3-point stance, and play calling. So it was great, but the problem is, that was just the first day, and I am already sore!!! oh well, I guess I will just have to fight through it. lol So anyways...

I will talk to yall later...
P.S. Oh yeah, in case you were wondering... that is not me in the picture. hehe lol

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Vacation... Days 4 and 5

Day 4...

Well today was pretty awesome, we pretty much just chilled in the morning, then after lunch we went to this cave here called Bridal Cave, it was pretty cool, except for the fact that there were some really really small spaces that we had to squeeze through, and our tour guide.... well lets just say he had some trouble getting through these spaces... lol but there was one other problem... my sister natalie was having, uh... well... lets just say it was what girls get that guys dont... lol so when we got to the back of the cave, we told the guide and he like rushed us back through it, cause she was seriously about to lose her lunch...

So me and her we running in front of everyone else to get her back to the car where she could lay down, and we ran back through the gift shop, and thankfully I found her some advil and a water bottle to kinda calm her down... lol

Then later on we hit up Outback for dinner, it was some amazing food as always... (oh yeah, me and my bro Mark decided that we need to find ourselves some Sheilas!!!! haha jk lol)

Then we went back to the house and got our Guitars, Banjos, Harmonicas, and Jaw Harps (gosh we are getting really hick!!! lol) and trooped down to the dock with the neighbors for a hoedown!!! lol well not really... my dad just played a bunch of old songs, then I took the guitar and did some worship... It was an AWESOME time!!!! The neighbors were really blessed too...
Here is the slideshow from the day

Day 5...
Well today we kinda just chilled all day. We went to Hyvee's MONSTER buffet for lunch, then we came back and swam and played some games, then tonight at about 8 we all went out and got some ice cream and went to the arcade again. Dude, me and natalie are getting soooo good at the dance dance revolution thing!!!!! it was sweet!!!! I had like 3 perfect games! lol

Wow... It is our last day here, this time has really flown by too fast! But it has been an incredible time!!! We got to spend a ton of time together as a fam, and just relax and unwind... which we all needed soo bad.
Thank you all sooooo much for your prayers, And I hope to see ya soon...
Love Always...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Vacation... Day 3

Well, another amazing day has passed on our Totally flippin awesome vacation... lol
We spent most of the day at the lake which was totally awesome! Sarah was totally shooting up the place with her camera, so we got all these pix of us all jumping off the dock!!! They are totally sweet!!!!
The only part that stunk about it was that we all got sooo burned up!!!! Exept for Mark of course... it is so unfair, cause he is the ONLY ONE in the family who can tan!!!!!! It is crazy!!!! He is seriously going to be black before the end of the week... lol

Then Me, Sarah, and Nat went to Hyvee (A grocery store) for lunch, They had this Crazy HUGE buffet there!!!! It was like a Italian, Chinese, and American buffets all smashed into one huge one!!! lol It was great, we like seriously waddled out of there, I think if any of us had fallen over, we would have rocked ourself to sleep trying to get up... haha lol

So then after a few more hours of swimming, Sarah cooked up some "Chimi Changas" which are these fried burrito things that she learned how to make in Cali... They were so so amazing!!!! Even though she burned the bottoms... lol

Then after dinner, we all packed in the van, (which is not an easy task anymore) and went to go shopping and to have some fun... so we found this little gift shop that had some hilarious stuff!!!! lol Then we hit the arcade next door, Dude, we were on the Dance Dance Revolution thing like the entire time!!!! haha we actually got pretty good at it!!! lol
Then we went and got this amazing hometown fudge... It was sooo incredibly rich!!!!!! You only have to eat like a tiny slice and youve had your sugar fix for about a week!!! lol

So here is the Slideshow from the day
Anyways, I'm out... talk to yall later...
Love Always

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Vacation... Day 2

Well, day 2 of our vaca has past, and it was totally AMAZING!!!!
We went shopping, go karting, and of course SWIMMING!!!! YEAH!!!

Here is the Slideshow from the day... we had a blast!!!!

P.S. My blog was kinda screwed up because of the transfer to the new beta thing... but I got it fixed, (at the expense of my template... lol) lol But I will fix that when I get back home. So yall can actually comment now!!!! lol
Talk to yall later.... Love yall!!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Vacation.... Finally... (Days 0.1 and 1) lol

Right now I am sitting on the porch at the office of the resort that we are staying at cause this is the only place we can get wifi... lol

If any of you didn't know... We are on vacation in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri for about a week, Our first vacation in about 2 years...

So on saturday when we were supposed to leave I couldn't get my mom and sarah out the door till like 6! lol Getting Sarah to work when she wants to be on the computer is like pulling teeth!!! haha lol

So we were finally on the road, and by about 11:30 we were in Litchfield, IL... lol about an hour out of St Louis. Sarah wanted to stop there, so we found a Hampton Inn to crash at for the night. The only problem was that the place was basically surrounded by cornfields so we had these little "visitors" in our room... lol they said that they were beetles, but I think they were actually high tech espionage agents for Iran sent to spy on me because of the *Cough*secret work I am doing for the government...*cough* haha so after I took care of the little spies, which took most of the night... lol (you have to watch out for their little tear gas bomb things...;) lol We were on our way...

So we finally got to the lake house at about 3 on sunday... and we like immediately hit the lake. lol you can see pix of the rest of the day in the slideshow
We went to coldstone, and this one guy who worked there was awesome!!! haha he was sooooo funny!!!! lol there are some pix of him throwing the ice cream around in the show. But I wasn't sure what to get, so I just told him to make me his favorite thing... lol he made me a "cookie doughnt you love it with cake batter ice cream... haha It was AMAZING!!! lol
Then after we finished our ice cream we went outside and took these awesome pix on these steps!!! then when we got home, me Sar and Nat all went out on the dock with my guitar and did worship for like 1/2 hour!!! It was amazing!!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Ahhh.... Family Time!!!!

Well mondays are always our day off but usually they get all eaten up by different activities. So on monday we decided to just put everything aside and get some much needed family time.

First we were thinking about going to either Lake Geneva or Rock Cut State Park, but by the time we got out the door (2 PM) it was too late to go to either of those because we had to be back by 6 cause some friends were coming over.

Anyways earlier in the day, my dad had gotten an email tip about a man out in Geneva who was kinda going through some hard times and didn't have any food. So we got everyone in the van and headed out to help the guy out. So we picked him up at his house and took him to the grocery store and let him just go crazy and get everything that he needed for a while. It was awesome to be able to bless him like that!So we took him back to his house and then we went to Fabyan Woods, which is this awesome area on the Fox river that is just so amazingly beautiful!!!
We just walked around and were able to have some great family time. It was really refreshing!
Here are some pics from the day...

Me and JuliAnna
My Brother Mark Thinks he is a monkey... lol

Man we got hops!!!! lol

Friday, July 28, 2006

Hilarious Video!!!

iPod Flea

Haha, this video is hilarious!!!! lol

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Well, 2 days and many many welts later we returned from the paintball trip. We had a BLAST!!!
Each person got 4000 paintballs at the beginning of the trip and I dont think anyone left with more than 2000. lol

So where we were staying there was no electricity, no toilets, nothing.... Just us, our tents, our guns, our balls, and a little propane stove for cooking.
So on Friday we got there around 3 and set up our tents, got all of our stuff out of the car and immediately hit the field. We found this wheat field right by our site with really tall wheat and these huge haybales that we used as bunkers, it was an awesome paintball spot!!! If someone spotted you out in the open, you could just hit the deck and be totally safe because of the height of the wheat.
A lot of people had some pretty bad gun problems, it seemed like everything was going wrong for my friend Luke on this trip. lol The $110 gun that he bought brand new wouldnt fire at all, then on the second day he went into town and bought a $40 gun and then when he got back he dropped it and the air hose broke right off!!! It was crazy!!! I felt really bad for him...
Bathroom Break
Well seeing as how there were no toilets (that we could use) within 40 miles of us, lets just say we had to make do with the, uh... natural facilities... lol

Cant you see how happy Ernesto looks to get to be able to use these lavish facilities? lol

So basically what we came up with was this little foot bridge where the boards were just about as far apart as a toilet seat!!! haha lol. So most of the guys made use of this method of relieving themselves... lol

Others who wanted a little more privacy ventured off into the woods to make their own little impact on the world... haha

Personally, I went on the way up, and I was able to hold it till the trip back... lol

Or whatever it is that you people call it... lol
On the way up to the place we stopped at this gas station to fill up (and unfill... lol) and we found this stand of sunglasses... so we decided to try on these "gucci" sunglasses... lol



Cracker Barrel!!!
We almost always go to Cracker Barrel at some point on the trips with my friends... so to continue the tradition,
on the way back we stopped in...
We got the absolutely funniest waitress!!!! lol She was like 80 and she kept cracking jokes the entire time!!! But they were actually funny jokes!!! She had the entire table laughing!!! lol

So far noboby had played any really good pranks on the trip so me and Mark and Luke snuck over to the waitress and told her that it was Adam's birthday!!! haha!!! So all of the waiters and waitresses came over and started singing to Adam!!! haha It was great!!!

So overall we had an amazing time on the trip!!! It was a TON of fun!!! But we decided that doing it about once a year was enough.... lol

Friday, July 07, 2006

Paintball Adventure Prep...

For the past couple months my friends and I have been trying to plan a paintball trip, and it's finally all coming together!!!! Woohoo!!!! So next Friday about 8 of us are driving up to my friends 90 acres in Wisconsin and camping out for 2 days and playing paintball the entire time. It is like a 3 hour drive, and if anyone knows my friends then you know that just the drive will be a crazy adventure filled with dangers such as toxic gas attacks, van bouncing, crazy dancing, and lots of lethal singing... lol (yes, it can get that bad) haha and thats before we get to the paintball spot... lol
So today I cleaned my gun and I have to try to find a place to get some bulk paintballs for the group...
WOOHOO!!! I am so stoked about the trip!!!!!

Friday, June 23, 2006

So Sick of Love Songs??? I Don't think so...

Friday nights... Some party; Some get dead drunk; Some, well... do other things...
So I decided, hmm how about a nice date? But one problem, the only types that would go out with me on such short notice were my sisters!!! haha (I don't really date at all... lol) So we went to "The Lake"... but instead of just walking around like we usually do, we decided to after we walked around, to go sit on the dock... so after just sitting there for a while doing nothing we all started to sing! lol We sang like every single love song that we could think of, then after we ran out of those we started singing worship songs. lol Everybody who was walking around the lake got a real treat!!! But then some guy came over and started making out with his girlfriend like 10 feet away from us, but I think we scared them away, cause like after one kiss they left! lol

But anyways that is what us dorky people do for fun on Friday nights... Join us next time for the next edition of Friday Nights Dork Edition - Fun at Kiddieland!!! haha ttyl

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Karitos (pronounced kair i toss)

Well I play guitar in the worship team at our church while also being the audio ministry director, so when one of these worship conferences comes around guess who is forc... I mean invited to go??? Yep you guessed it! Yours truly... But I kinda came along willingly seeing that the church was paying for it I would get to take off school and get free food and stuff... lol

I'm just messing around with all that... lol I really did want to go.... I knew I would learn a lot.
So anyways there were a bunch of different workshops on many different topics, most of the ones I went to were on audio stuff... but I also went to an amazing workshop on worship leading taught by Cory Ratcliff It was amazing and very insightful!!! But here are some shots from the conference...

This was an urban hip-hop group called Joshua Generation.

This was a very interesting group that did Native American worship dance... lol

But being a dork must run in the family (Thanks a lot Sarah!!! lol)
Mark Collins one of my sister's photography assistants was attending the conference with me. So, we had a break on the last day of the conference, and instead of getting some much needed rest somewhere, guess what we did??? Yep, a photoshoot... lol Here is the SLIDESHOW

P.S. Ever get that insatiable desire to do One-handed push-ups on a train track??? For those who can relate... I fulfilled my desire... lol

Photos taken by Andrew Barlow and Mark Collins

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Graduation Parties...

I love graduation parties!!!!
But this one was especially awesome!
My friend Bethany Newell was graduating, so on sunday they had a HUGE party at their house, unfortunately I had a lot of stuff going on sunday so we weren't able to go till like 9:30 and it had started at 2... But when we got there the party was still rockin'!!!! lol We started by playing volleyball in the complete darkness... lots of fun! Then we had a gotten really hot and sweaty so we went and dunked our heads into a big bucket of ice! lol Talk about brain freeze! haha
But the best part of the party was when we all went out on the front lawn and I got my guitar and we sang praise and worship song for about an hour... It was really awesome!!! There were like 20 people all singing, it was amazing!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get any pics at the party, but here is a pic of Bethany from her senior picture shoot that Sarah did.

Monday, May 22, 2006


Yesterday at church we had an awesome guest speaker, his name is Pastor Samuel Patta, Pastor Patta pastors one of the largest churches in Hyderabad, India. He preached an awesome message about being a "Giant Killer" You can click here to listen to the message.

At Praise Fellowship we have been putting together a game room area, It is actually turning out pretty awesome! here are some shots of the room. We have Ping Pong,


And this awesome new game that we built called Kingball. This game is so popular at the church! Right after the service ends kids are racing to the game room to try to get the first game. lol

Well, thats just one thing that has been happening lately in my crazy busy life... lol ttyl

Friday, May 05, 2006

Maximum Impact!!!

All I can say is WOW!!!!!! We went to an amazing conference today!!!! It was called Maximum Impact, It was a power packed conference with speakers like John Maxwell, Dave Ramsey, Tim Sanders, and many more... Anyways we had a great time and learned a whole lot!!!

Friday, April 14, 2006


Well, the other day the weather was AMAZING!!! So our family headed out to the park to let the kids get some energy out. So Sarah, Nat, and I all decided to do a photoshoot! lol

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

JuliAnna Therese Barlow

Well my parents finally decided on a name for the baby!
JuliAnna Therese Barlow!
She is such a cutie!
Click here for the Slideshow

Monday, April 10, 2006

The new Barlow!!!

Well... we have added another Barlowgirl into this world!!
After alot of waiting and praying, my mom had the baby at 1:39am this morning!!
Coming in at 8lbs. 6oz and 20in. long:) She is sooooo adorable and looks just like my little brother Johnny!! It is hysterical!!....of course a pretty version! The doctor said it was like a picture perfect birth!! Thank God!! Actually the reason it has taken me awhile to get pics up is because I was waiting on my parents until they name her...but they are still trying to figure it out:)!! lol! I decided to post a couple and then when they actually come up with a name I'll post more with a slideshow!! Any name ideas???? Let me know!!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Model Shoot

Well the other day, My sister Sarah (The photographer) shot some model pictures of me.
Here are a few shots... enjoy!