Friday, June 29, 2007

Is It Official?

Does this...
...Officially make me a geek? haha lol
I have 3 computers set up here, 2 are mine one is the church computer that I work on all the time.
Oh yea, and I use this SWEET program called Synergy that lets me share a single mouse and keyboard between all three computers, and its as simple as just moving the mouse to the screen you want and you are immediately controlling that computer. :) Pretty amazing I know... :P

Oh yea! I just recently finished building my new computer! Lovingly dubbed "Natasha" or "Tasha" for short... hahaha :D
Here are a few shots of her...

So yea... good stuff... :)
For those who know.. or care...
Its has a Dual-Core 2.13 Ghz processor
2GB Dual-Channel DDR2 RAM
A 256MB XFX NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT

Friday, June 15, 2007

Workin' Away...

Well we're here at the reception, waiting for the people to finish eating and start dancing so we can start the sweet slideshow that we just finished! :)
But here is a shot from earlier when we were shooting the bride and groom and Sarah told me to to hold the bouquet. lol

Anyways... lol I'll post the slideshow later. :P

This Me, Sarah, Beth, and Kristen after the wedding.

Whats goin on?

Were in the car headed to a wedding and I'm on Sarah's laptop connected through her blackberry... its pretty sweet cuz you can be anywhere and be connected! Anyways, were going downtown for this wedding so it should be pretty sweet.

Sarah has a new girl coming in to intern with her for the month of August and shes gonna be staying with us, so her and her mom and sister came in last night to kinda meet the family and make sure we aren't crazy people... (little do they know..) ;) lol

But it was awesome because as we started talking at dinner, we found out that our families have SO much in common. Both families have 7 kids, homeschool, both moms are RNs and we both even have a dog next door named Jojo... lol

Her name is Kristen Snyder and she is really an AMAZING photographer, you can check out her blog here. Its gonna be so cool when she stays here in August, because she kinda just fits right in with the fam... :P