Saturday, December 16, 2006

Which one are you???

Haha try this out... lol its pretty accurate! lol

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Hey Hey!

Hey yall! haha its been a while... a whole lot has been goin on with me, were working on getting a new building for the church, basketball season is in full swing... and a whole lot more. lol

So first basketball... First of all I'll talk about my team, Its been kinda crazy because this year there are so many guys on the team and basically the rule is if you pay then you play. So, there are about 10 seniors this year so they decided to put all the seniors on one team and all the juniors and lower on a "B" team, both teams are playing in the same league, so it is kinda crazy because my team isn't a very "big" team. Then we took another blow when one of the guys who was supposed to play on my team decided to desert us and go to the "A" team. And he was one of our top 3 guys. So we are all having to really step up as a team and fill in the gaps that are left.

The main league that we play in started 2 Saturdays ago, and man, we have all really been stepping up! Our first game this year in this league was 2 Saturdays ago and man, we all really did step up! We won 62-48 and I had a Career high 24 Points as well as 4 Assists, 10 Rebounds and 2 Blocks. Then Last Saturday we had another blowout win, 77-38, I had another big game... :P 22 Points, 3 assists, 15 rebounds and 8 steals.
But it really takes more then just me stepping up, the team is doing an AMAZING job at playing at this higher level. we only have 3 juniors. The rest of them are JV guys. So I am really proud of all of the younger guys who are stepping up to play (and dominating) at this level. Our total record as a team so far is 6-0. GO THUNDER!!!!

So yeah... I am gonna try to get Sarah out to one of our games soon to get some shots of us playing. So if I can get that to happen, then I'll post some pictures.
Oh yeah, if any of yall live in the area and want to see us play sometime, just let me know and i'll get you a copy of the schedule.

Talk to yall later!
I'll try to post more often... lol