Saturday, September 30, 2006

BG Concert!!!!!

Well, last Friday after my football game, our whole family made the 1 1/2 hour drive down to Bourbonnais, IL for the Barlowgirl concert. It was an AMAZING SHOW!!!!! This is the girls first tour that they are headlining, so it was pretty awesome!!!

Anyways, they had this thing where you could text a message through your cell phone to this number, and they would put it up on the screen during the intermission. And then they told us that one of the people who texted would be selected to win a Barlowgirl electric guitar!!! So like tons of people were texting in messages. I decided, what the heck... might as well try it out... lol I tried from my 1st cell phone but it said "access denied" lol. So I pulled out my 2nd cell phone, lol and texted from there. I didn't even see the message go up on the screen, but then about 15 min into the girls part of the show, I felt my phone buzz, I thought someone was calling me, so I pulled it out, and when it said "message" I was like oh great, I texted one of these things and now i'm gonna get text spam for the rest of my life!!! lol but when I opened the message it said, "YOU WIN!
Code: ****
Congratulations! You're tonight's winner! Head on over to the Barlow Girl Merch table to claim the guitar now!"
HAHA isnt that CRAZY??? lol so I went over to my aunt Maryanne (the BG's mom) and showed her the message, when she saw it she like freaked out! lol she was so excited! she was like go over to my merch table and show them!!!! So I went over and got my new BG Guitar!!!!

I know what some of you might be thinking... "That is so wrong!!! It was probably rigged!!!!" lol So I asked them how it works, and there is this lady in texas who runs the whole text thing, and she sits at the computer for 3 hours during the concerts, screens all the messages then randomly picks one of the messages and that person wins the guitar. So it was NOT rigged!!! lol

So after the concert our friend Shyla who is a photographer was like "lets do a photoshoot with the guitar!!!!" lol so here are some of the shots from the shoot
P.S. In case you couldn't tell from these shots... Shyla is a BEAST!!!!! lol

Oh yeah!!!! I start drivers ed today!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! Finally!!!!!

Friday, September 29, 2006


Wow.. its been a while since ive posted!!! lol
So lets see...
Last saturday we had my 17th birthday party!!!! It was great!!! There was around 20 people there, so we started by playing games for a while because it was raining... then later after dinner the rain stopped so we all went over to a field and played some awesome Mud Football!!!!!!!
Here is the slideshow from the party. Enjoy!!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Birthday!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!

Well... today is my 17th Birthday!!!!
I am working on the computer on my new 19" Flat WideScreen Monitor

And listening to music on my new Surround sound speaker system!

And we just finished an AWESOME dinner of Chicken Kievs and Mozzerella sticks!! Then we had an amazing cake (that I picked out!!) lol and Oreo ice cream.
WOOHOO!!!! So I have had a GREAT day so far!!! Thank you all for your cards and comments and messages!!! You guys Rock!!!!!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Six Flags!!!! And great friends...

On thursday we went to Six Flags for homeschool day!!! It was awesome because there was seriously barely any lines! I think the longest line we waited in was about 15 min. lol We had an amazing time!!! Me, Sarah, and Natalie got to hang out with our awesome friends Bethany, Abby, and Elyse and a bunch of their friends. It was great!!!! We were singing on like all the rides, haha. Then after we rode the superman we went into the superman shop and tried on all the blingage... haha Then after the park closed, we all went to Old Country Buffet for dinner. So it was an amazing day!!! (I think I already said that... lol)
Anyways, thursday was my parents 21st anniversary!!!! WOOHOO!!!!
So at great america, all of us went up on a stage and sang and danced "Happy Anniversary" haha

(Click the play button to start the slideshow.)