Friday, July 28, 2006

Hilarious Video!!!

iPod Flea

Haha, this video is hilarious!!!! lol

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Well, 2 days and many many welts later we returned from the paintball trip. We had a BLAST!!!
Each person got 4000 paintballs at the beginning of the trip and I dont think anyone left with more than 2000. lol

So where we were staying there was no electricity, no toilets, nothing.... Just us, our tents, our guns, our balls, and a little propane stove for cooking.
So on Friday we got there around 3 and set up our tents, got all of our stuff out of the car and immediately hit the field. We found this wheat field right by our site with really tall wheat and these huge haybales that we used as bunkers, it was an awesome paintball spot!!! If someone spotted you out in the open, you could just hit the deck and be totally safe because of the height of the wheat.
A lot of people had some pretty bad gun problems, it seemed like everything was going wrong for my friend Luke on this trip. lol The $110 gun that he bought brand new wouldnt fire at all, then on the second day he went into town and bought a $40 gun and then when he got back he dropped it and the air hose broke right off!!! It was crazy!!! I felt really bad for him...
Bathroom Break
Well seeing as how there were no toilets (that we could use) within 40 miles of us, lets just say we had to make do with the, uh... natural facilities... lol

Cant you see how happy Ernesto looks to get to be able to use these lavish facilities? lol

So basically what we came up with was this little foot bridge where the boards were just about as far apart as a toilet seat!!! haha lol. So most of the guys made use of this method of relieving themselves... lol

Others who wanted a little more privacy ventured off into the woods to make their own little impact on the world... haha

Personally, I went on the way up, and I was able to hold it till the trip back... lol

Or whatever it is that you people call it... lol
On the way up to the place we stopped at this gas station to fill up (and unfill... lol) and we found this stand of sunglasses... so we decided to try on these "gucci" sunglasses... lol



Cracker Barrel!!!
We almost always go to Cracker Barrel at some point on the trips with my friends... so to continue the tradition,
on the way back we stopped in...
We got the absolutely funniest waitress!!!! lol She was like 80 and she kept cracking jokes the entire time!!! But they were actually funny jokes!!! She had the entire table laughing!!! lol

So far noboby had played any really good pranks on the trip so me and Mark and Luke snuck over to the waitress and told her that it was Adam's birthday!!! haha!!! So all of the waiters and waitresses came over and started singing to Adam!!! haha It was great!!!

So overall we had an amazing time on the trip!!! It was a TON of fun!!! But we decided that doing it about once a year was enough.... lol

Friday, July 07, 2006

Paintball Adventure Prep...

For the past couple months my friends and I have been trying to plan a paintball trip, and it's finally all coming together!!!! Woohoo!!!! So next Friday about 8 of us are driving up to my friends 90 acres in Wisconsin and camping out for 2 days and playing paintball the entire time. It is like a 3 hour drive, and if anyone knows my friends then you know that just the drive will be a crazy adventure filled with dangers such as toxic gas attacks, van bouncing, crazy dancing, and lots of lethal singing... lol (yes, it can get that bad) haha and thats before we get to the paintball spot... lol
So today I cleaned my gun and I have to try to find a place to get some bulk paintballs for the group...
WOOHOO!!! I am so stoked about the trip!!!!!