Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Graduation Parties...

I love graduation parties!!!!
But this one was especially awesome!
My friend Bethany Newell was graduating, so on sunday they had a HUGE party at their house, unfortunately I had a lot of stuff going on sunday so we weren't able to go till like 9:30 and it had started at 2... But when we got there the party was still rockin'!!!! lol We started by playing volleyball in the complete darkness... lots of fun! Then we had a gotten really hot and sweaty so we went and dunked our heads into a big bucket of ice! lol Talk about brain freeze! haha
But the best part of the party was when we all went out on the front lawn and I got my guitar and we sang praise and worship song for about an hour... It was really awesome!!! There were like 20 people all singing, it was amazing!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get any pics at the party, but here is a pic of Bethany from her senior picture shoot that Sarah did.

Monday, May 22, 2006


Yesterday at church we had an awesome guest speaker, his name is Pastor Samuel Patta, Pastor Patta pastors one of the largest churches in Hyderabad, India. He preached an awesome message about being a "Giant Killer" You can click here to listen to the message.

At Praise Fellowship we have been putting together a game room area, It is actually turning out pretty awesome! here are some shots of the room. We have Ping Pong,


And this awesome new game that we built called Kingball. This game is so popular at the church! Right after the service ends kids are racing to the game room to try to get the first game. lol

Well, thats just one thing that has been happening lately in my crazy busy life... lol ttyl

Friday, May 05, 2006

Maximum Impact!!!

All I can say is WOW!!!!!! We went to an amazing conference today!!!! It was called Maximum Impact, It was a power packed conference with speakers like John Maxwell, Dave Ramsey, Tim Sanders, and many more... Anyways we had a great time and learned a whole lot!!!