Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hillsong United!!!

Last night we went to the most AMAZING concert EVER!!!!!!!!
The band is called Hillsong United and the worship experience that they created last night was indescribable!

Check out one of their concerts here^^

Their stuff is on Itunes and I would recommend any of it.

Our friend Kenny had a press pass for the event so he got a TON of amazing shots! Check them out here
Here is one of some of us in the group

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Nashville... Day 4...

day 4...
Today we got to sleep in till 8:30!!!! OMG it was incredible!!! :P lol
So we got up and got ready for church, we decided to tryout this church that my cousins go to whenever they are down here. Its called Newsong, and it was absolutely amazing!!! :) The worship and the message was great! And during the "greet the visitors" time 2 of the girls that I know from the Barlowgirl Messageboards saw me and came up and said hey. It was Shay and Lindz so after the service I made sure I got a pic with the two of them :)

After church, well, I was on the phone with my mom for mothers day and I wasn't watching where we were going, so we went the wrong way on a highway for about 20 min... :-/ so I mapped us out a detour to get us back on track, and well, we finally got on the right highway and we were cruisin along and all of the sudden traffic stopped... dead....after waiting about 20 min, and seeing a helicopter land a ways up on the road, Matt, Josh, and I hopped out and started walking on the side of the road up to the accident. On the way up there... we saw some people gettin pretty comfortable, and settling in for the long wait.

If you look close you can see the guy in the lawn chair behind the trailer... :P

So anyways, we got up to the scene, and from what we heard there was a guy going over 100 who flipped his car and it went into the woods on the side of the road, so they had to land a chopper to airlift him.

So after waiting for about an hour, the chopper took off and we finally got through... after the we went to a dam. Commonly known around here as the "Downtgivay Dam". rotfl...

Anyways, 4:30 comes early... ugh... talk to yall soon :)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Nashville... Day 3...

Today was... pretty amazing...

We woke up at about 7 and headed over to help out a guy who runs his ministry off of the campus that we are working on. His ministry is called Layman's Lessons and its a ministry to the homeless. So basically we drove down to downtown Nashville and set up a bunch of tables, chairs, a stage, and a sound system. Then the show started, lol we blasted worship music, and when I took a walk it could be heard from 6 blocks away... lol but the homeless people came to see what is going on. And when they showed up we gave them a hot cup of coffee and then told them that we would give them a hot meal if they would sit for about 30 min and listen to a message. By the time the message was over we had about 75 people there. It was awesome!!! When he gave the alter call 9 people came up to receive Christ!!!! It was AMAZING!!!!

I took a ton of video, but barely any pictures... :-/

here are a few that I did take... lol

The (wet) Sound System that we used... lol

Never go anywhere without your korky flapper tank balls... :P

I can't wait to post the video when I get home... :)

Talk to you soon...

Friday, May 11, 2007

Nashville Day 2...

Hey yall... I'm down in Nashville right now, me and my best friend Matt, his brother/alien Josh lol, and their dad. We are putting a new roof on an old hospital that the ministry that Mr. swanson works for owns. I'll put together a whole video when I get back, but here are some pictures from what we've done so far...

Right now we are sitting in the hospital, and we had to hack their mainframe to get internet access... :P

Me and the hott pig (skinny white nut job) at famous daves... lol

Us all after day 2 of roofing

Monday, May 07, 2007


Hey yall, I'm back in town, just for a few days, I'm heading out Wednesday Night for Nashville... ahh!!! Crazy story, but I'll post about whats goin on later... anyways.
Today Jeremy Flanagan and Mark Collins came over for a meeting for the web design ministry at the church. Bryant, (who is staying with the family here at the house for a while) joined us in the meeting. So after it was over one of the things we discussed doing was making a recruiting video for the web design ministry. So we got the camera and this is what we came up with...

haha so yea... that was it...
talk to yall soon :P