Friday, June 23, 2006

So Sick of Love Songs??? I Don't think so...

Friday nights... Some party; Some get dead drunk; Some, well... do other things...
So I decided, hmm how about a nice date? But one problem, the only types that would go out with me on such short notice were my sisters!!! haha (I don't really date at all... lol) So we went to "The Lake"... but instead of just walking around like we usually do, we decided to after we walked around, to go sit on the dock... so after just sitting there for a while doing nothing we all started to sing! lol We sang like every single love song that we could think of, then after we ran out of those we started singing worship songs. lol Everybody who was walking around the lake got a real treat!!! But then some guy came over and started making out with his girlfriend like 10 feet away from us, but I think we scared them away, cause like after one kiss they left! lol

But anyways that is what us dorky people do for fun on Friday nights... Join us next time for the next edition of Friday Nights Dork Edition - Fun at Kiddieland!!! haha ttyl

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Karitos (pronounced kair i toss)

Well I play guitar in the worship team at our church while also being the audio ministry director, so when one of these worship conferences comes around guess who is forc... I mean invited to go??? Yep you guessed it! Yours truly... But I kinda came along willingly seeing that the church was paying for it I would get to take off school and get free food and stuff... lol

I'm just messing around with all that... lol I really did want to go.... I knew I would learn a lot.
So anyways there were a bunch of different workshops on many different topics, most of the ones I went to were on audio stuff... but I also went to an amazing workshop on worship leading taught by Cory Ratcliff It was amazing and very insightful!!! But here are some shots from the conference...

This was an urban hip-hop group called Joshua Generation.

This was a very interesting group that did Native American worship dance... lol

But being a dork must run in the family (Thanks a lot Sarah!!! lol)
Mark Collins one of my sister's photography assistants was attending the conference with me. So, we had a break on the last day of the conference, and instead of getting some much needed rest somewhere, guess what we did??? Yep, a photoshoot... lol Here is the SLIDESHOW

P.S. Ever get that insatiable desire to do One-handed push-ups on a train track??? For those who can relate... I fulfilled my desire... lol

Photos taken by Andrew Barlow and Mark Collins