Monday, August 20, 2007

Stayin' Alive...

Hey everyone!
I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that we are still alive down here! lol
The hurricane went by late sat. night, early sunday morning. But we were so high up in the mountains that all we got was a TON of rain and winds up to 13mph... lol

Our internet has been down here since the night of the hurricane, so my uncle hooked the computer up the phone and i'm on right now using this ancient method of connection called Dial-up. If you dont know what that is you can look it up in your family's Websters 1828 Dictionary. ;) lol
But its better then nothing...
Oh yea! Here is the 2nd video from the trip...

Thanks for the prayers everyone!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

"Historic Hell Storm..."

We are somewhere in the middle of the right side of that divided island that Mr Dean is starting to go past... Its supposed to go past us south of the island but there are sustained winds of 155 mph and gusts of up to 184 mph... lol
So yea, keep us in your prayers!
We are high up in the mountains so we will only get a lot of rain and some strong gusts, and my aunts' house here is built of solid concrete, so we dont have to worry about anything... we just dont want any bridges to go out, cuz then we'd be stuck up here for a while...

We were out doing some painting today and then the first stages of rain started to come in, and the paint doesn't stick too well in the rain.
We also visited a graveyard today, it was insane! there are just a bunch of concrete containers that hold the bodies... I'll post a video later :P

Anyways, the worst of the hurricane is supposed to hit during the night tonight, so if you remember, keep us in your prayers =)
Love yall

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Update... and a small world

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are alive and well down here in the Dominican Republic... I made a video of the trip down here, but I am still waiting for it to finish encoding, so I will get that up asap...

P.S. Today we were working at a school down here called Jarabacoa Christian School, and Natalie was working with one of the teachers in the school, Miss Elmer, and after talking for a while they found out that she grew up in Janesville, Wisconsin with our friend David Jay. Apparently she was "going to marry DJ's brother" lol so that was pretty sweet, meeting her down here!!!
Natalie was like "DJ is now one of the worlds biggest wedding photographers!" And she was like "no! Little David???" lol
Just proves that just when you thought the world can't get any smaller, it still does =)
Here is a pic of us and her after a LONNGGGG day of hard work

Monday, August 13, 2007

Crazy way to start :P

Well, I thought that right now I'd be down in the Dominican Republic, at my aunt's house getting ready for a big day of work tomorrow...
Instead I am in the lobby of the Holiday Inn right by the Miami Airport, using their "business center" which is a computer on a desk in the middle of the lobby... :P But I am very thankful.

Ok so we made it to Miami fine...
And we went right to our assigned gate after we grabbed some Uno's "to-go" pizza, (both me and Nat said to each other at the same time after taking a bite... "you can tell were not in Chicago anymore" lol)
But our first plane broke (thats what they said) so they said that they were going to bring another plane to another gate for us... so we went to the counter right there, gave the lady our boarding pass, and asked her where we needed to go for the new gate.
Our original gate was A10, and she said the new gate was A17, so we went right over there, waited for about an hour, then it was finally time to board, they called our group, we handed the guy our boarding passes, and they wouldn't scan! So finally he was like "go check with them at the desk". So we ran over there, and she was like "oh, this is the gate for Santo Domingo... You are trying to go to Santiago!" She was like "let me check your real flight" so she checked, and it was supposed to take off at that same minute, on the OTHER SIDE OF THE AIRPORT!!!!!
So she called, and they said "yea send them over, we will hold the airplane" so me and Nat take off sprinting across the airport, and it was seriously about 3 miles, so after about 20 min of running, we get to the gate, and I look and the plane is still there with the ramp out to it, so i say hey we are the ones that they are holding the plane for!!! And the dude there was like "oh I tho thorry thirr... iths too late"
So yea... we missed our plane because of the stupid gate switch, and the lady who gave us the wrong gate...
At least they made it somewhat right... They bought us dinner, paid for the night in the hotel here, and gave us money for breakfast...
Anyways, our flight leaves at 10 tomorrow.
Pray for us!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Outta here... (at least for a while)

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you all know, (for those of you who didn't already) that I am going to be out of town for about 2 weeks.
Natalie and I are going down to the Dominican Republic from the 13th to the 25th on a missions trip. My aunt and uncle are the directors of a school for troubled kids down there, so I'm gonna be doing a ton of work, construction, fixing computers, networking, leading worship, feeding the homeless, a whole ton of stuff.
So PLEASE keep us in your prayers,
pray that it will be a very profitable time down there, and that many people will be blessed and touched by the way that God works through us.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

We ride we ride...

This basically describes it,
Today I bought my first car, its a '93 BMW 740il in AMAZING condition.

The sweet thing about it is that my car is kinda like Sarah's Car's daddy! lol its the same color, same year, just bigger because its a 7 series.
Its a huge blessing that came at just the right time, because me and Natalie are going to be starting school on the 27th, (which is a whole other story in itself which I will post later) but we'll be able to take this car there and back every day.
God is so good!!!!