Tuesday, July 24, 2007

KIDZ RULE!!!!! ||Camp Day 2, and Airsoft...||

Kids totally rock... lol today was the second day of camp. And it was so amazing compared to yesterday!!! One of the group leaders had to be in the drama, so for the rest of the week I have to be the head leader of Group Metallic Silver!!! The kids voted today and the official name for our group is The Silver Surfers.
The kids in the group are so cool!

Thursday is Team Spirit Day, and our whole team has to come out and do a cheer about our team, so we started practicing some stuff, and I found out that like half of my kids are like gymnasts or break dancers!!! lol so like its gonna start out with some kids running opposite directions on the stage, then in the middle one kid is gonna spin and do a backflip and the other girl is gonna to a roundoff. Then a bunch of kids are gonna do the worm, lol and then one kid is gonna breakdance and even spin on his head!!! lol its gonna ROCK!!!!

The highlight story from today was we were bball in the gym, and I looked over and one of my girls (who has autism) was standing against the wall crying... I went over and asked her whats up, and she said "I can't make the ball go through the hole!!! lol so I took her over to the hoop and showed her how to shoot it right, and at the end she made 4 out of 5 baskets in a row!!! She was so excited she was clapping! =)

So then later tonight, Marky had his friend Jason over, so I took them outside and we played some airsoft! The boys loved it! lol so we got some shots of us after that...

Monday, July 23, 2007

Camp Day 1, and Shopping!!!

Well today was the first day of the 5 day day camp that Natalie and I are helping out at, and my younger siblings are all attending. Its 8-5 for us EVERY DAY this week.
Today was pretty hectic because we had registration going on, so I was going around helping lost children find their groups, so it was basically damage control :P
lol one memorable moment from the day was when I was leading the volleyball section of the sports part of the camp, and a 5 year old group came over, and they were all fine except for 1 kid who was just bawling his eyes out...
And the group counselor didn't seem to be doing anything about it, so I went over and I was like "buddy, whats the problem?" He mumbled a bunch of incomprehensible words, so I asked the counselor, I'm like, "whats wrong with him?" And he said "Oh, he doesn't have a partner." and this was causing the whole group to cease to function because of this kid, lol so I went to the kid and I'm like "hey, I'll be your buddy!" Immediately he stopped crying, looked up at me and was like "really???" I was like yea! So he grabbed my hand, and that totally stopped the whole problem! :P
lol later throughout the volleyball game he kept running over to me and saying "your still my partner right?" lol it was so sweet! =)

So we have another big day of that tomorrow...

Then later tonight, me and Bryant went over to the mall, cuz I wanted to grab some new shoes.
I found some sweet Pumas at Finish Line, then I stopped by AE (my second home) and grabbed a belt and some new boxers :P

But when I looked at the inside of the belt, I got a pleasant surprise... lol check it out... It's my new favorite belt! lol