Friday, January 25, 2008

AMAZING Video =)

My friend Andrew Smith just put together this amazing video from a photoshoot we did a little while ago... Check it out!

Photography in Chicago from Andrew PC Smith on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

you finaly posted somethign Im soooo proud of you!!!! lol HAHA! your such a dork!


P.S. by the way I love that video!

Samantha F. said...

Oh man, I LOVE this song!!! I used to listen to the radio all day and pray for this song. Cake ROCKS!! Cool video too, by the way. ^_^

Samantha F. said...

It's kind of scary how model-y Natalie is. Makes me feel all snarly and protective. Rawr!!

I love the pictures with you and Sarah! She should model more, her pics are super nice.

Ok, I think I'm done commenting.

Sarah Barlow said... should have a funeral for this blog because it is pretty dead!! lol! :)

jamiedelaine said...

Hey I've never seen this! So cool!